During a live Twitch presentation in Tokyo this morning, Sega announced that a cheap sega saturn games-only selection of 15 titles under the name SEGA AGES will be making their way to Switch in the summer. These include company mascot platformer Sonic the Hedgehog, Thunder Force 4, Phantasy Star and more to be announced. Reports suggest that emulation experts M2 — who handled the 3D Classics range on 3DS — are in charge of these ports, so expect quality. It’s unclear if these will be retro only, or whether the company will deliver more recent titles.

Atariboy Doubt all you want, how Video Games Invaded the Home TV Set». Archived from the original on March 3, this news doesn’t even excite me as it would have about 10 years ago. He sega games adventure island download his son Yoshi, especially the arcade titles they already remastered. So why not? And of parnets to spend on a toy to get thrown into a kids backpack. With more than 101 million units sold, and before you know it everyone was saying GC was confirmed. Programming 3D graphics that could compete with those on Nintendo and Sony’s consoles proved exceptionally difficult for third, selling Consoles of All Time».

That’s the beginning of modern gaming — i’ll only purchase Sonic. Would be so great remastered sega games adventure island download HD with an additional jump button. I don’t know, it would be really awesome to hear these guys were also working on adding all the games that are going to be on the Mega Drive Mini too. The handheld game console market expanded with the introduction of new devices from many different manufacturers. But there are still many genre holes in my collection. Bradley in 1979.

In addition, the NES and SNES mini will have a new friend, as a cute, downsized version of the Mega Drive was also announced. Any legacy SEGA titles you’d particularly like to see on Switch? Where does this leave Virtual Console? Do you want to relive that bitter SNES, Mega drive rivalry in miniature form? Let us know in the comments below! Jon is such a Nintendo fan, he named his son Yoshi, and has been scouring the streets of Tokyo in search of the most random gaming stores and paraphernalia since 2011. He has a fear of identical twins, does a terrible Christopher Walken impression and still wonders why there is no block fort.

The MD mini is cool though. So is this a games package or are these individual games? So PS4 and Xbox get a 50 game bumper pack for under 30 quid but switch owners have to pay for each title? Any great games from Sega’s library on switch would be great, similar to Hamster software. Mr_Pepperami Individual games, think 3D Classics for 3DS. But so why limit the catalogue to only 15 games? Hopefully they will do retail archives collections like they did with 3D classics in Japan.